As a trusted advisor to individuals and families, everything we do is designed to help you achieve financial peace of mind throughout your lifetime …


Personalized PLANNING

The planning process starts with discovering what brought you to seek help in the first place and working toward solutions that can make an impact in your life.

We listen closely so we can better understand your lifestyle, family dynamics, objectives and time horizon. From this information we work to build a plan for informed decision making.

Once a plan has been created, it can be implemented, monitored and adjusted over time to continue to be relevant.

Intelligent INVESTING

Our investment process follows a systematic, evidence-based approach to asset allocation that is designed to provide each client with an individualized asset management plan based on their attitude toward investing, unique risk profile, and time horizon.

We utilize investments designed using decades of market data, Nobel Prize-Winning academic research. This is coupled with our own experience in the capital markets to craft portfolio strategies for individual investors,  families and non-profit organizations.

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PROTECTINg your Lifestyle

Protecting your family, wealth, and income in retirement is an essential element of experiencing financial security. We work with our clients to identify the areas where protection can give them peace of mind. We focus on income replacement, tax efficient wealth accumulation and retirement income.

We consult with business owners to develop solutions for their key people and to facilitate buy/sell agreements in the event of an unforeseen event. This is an important service we provide.  

Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners

Successful small business owners, especially solo owners or partnerships, enjoy the opportunity to maximize Qualified Retirements Accounts. Designing and implementing a plan that includes both a Defined Contribution Plan and a Defined Benefit Plan can maximize retirement savings and offer considerable current tax advantages. 

A Defined Contribution Plan such as a SEP IRA or I401(k) is a great start for a solo business owner or partnership to save for retirement.

If you’re interested in maximizing retirement savings, adding a Defined Benefit Plan can offer savings well beyond that of a Defined Contribution Plan.  This plan is designed to provide you with much higher contribution limits based on the amount of income you desire in the future.  

Philanthropic Pursuits

We are committed to making your philanthropic endeavors more effective, efficient, and personally fulfilling.

Philanthropy takes many forms and whether you are interested in efficiently giving money to charitable organizations, being socially responsible, or making an impact, we can work with you to design and implement your plan.

We know your philanthropic aspirations are important to you and our team is knowledgeable in many aspects of the donor experience. 


Trust Services

Trusts provide many benefits and we work closely with our clients and their legal and tax consultants when a trust is being considered.  

A trust can potentially accomplish a wide variety of objectives:

  • Provide continuity in management of trust assets in the event of your incapacity or death.

  • Help your beneficiaries avoid the expense, delay, and publicity of probate.

  • Allow you to create rules for how your assets will be preserved or distributed and to name a trustee to carry out your wishes.

  • Minimize transfer or estate taxes.

  • Allow for the implementation of charitable giving strategies.

Fiercely Independent

Optimus Capital Advisors was started in 2008 by John Gesek’s desire for a firm that was straight-forward, transparent, and without conflicts of interest.

One important decision was made at that time; be a completely independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that works with our clients in a fiduciary capacity.

This early decision means we are free of outside influence to provide the best services and investments for our clients without any restrictions being imposed on us. Being a fiduciary means we have an obligation to only provide recommendations that are in the best interest of our clients.

This is unique in an industry where people rarely know if they are dealing with a salesman (registered representatives of a broker-dealer like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley or Edward Jones), insurance agent or an independent financial advisor. There is no guessing with us! 

Committed To The Relationship

Assisting clients is so much more than a simple financial plan and investing.  It is our commitment to be available when our clients have important questions or life events that need immediate attention. To relieve you of the burden of going it alone. It is our desire to continue to grow professionally and work with only the finest professionals.   

We work with all types of people - executives, athletes, entrepreneurs, professionals, and retirees to give them a resource they can trust so they can spend their time doing what they are passionate about. We believe our seasoned team, risk managed investment process, and relational approach makes all the difference in working alongside our clients. We take our responsibility as a fiduciary seriously, and we work hard to understand our clients goals and the opportunities available to them.

Along the way we've listened to our clients and expanded our services to match what we heard mattered most to them.

Our process is guided by these beliefs

(1) The success of any venture increases greatly with planning

(2) We believe that the capital markets will reward long-term investors

(3) We believe in knowledge over emotion and reason over impulsiveness.

(4) Focusing our efforts on what we can control.

Our clients are smart and successful, but are busy and would rather spend their time pursuing their passions.  They find their financial lives challenging to tackle alone and want to rely on people they trust. We encourage our clients to focus on the things we can control and to ignore that which we cannot. And ordering your plan, your investments, and your protection begins with preserving what you cannot risk and thinking smart about how to best leverage the risks you do take.  

We work closely with our clients to provide the investment plan that best meets their objectives, personality and tolerance for risk, and though we are not for everyone, we're proud to filter the noise of the constant financial propaganda to build strategies that work. We appreciate that our clients see the value in our committed approach. Our philosophy on investing is rooted in Nobel prize winning research and employs a multi-factor investment approach: we believe that the capital markets process information very efficiently and will reward long-term investors. Investing across broad geographic regions and including multiple asset classes enables us to capture the premiums that exist through different market cycles. We are committed to keeping portfolio costs low and being tax efficient as we implement the plan.  

Most importantly, we believe in integrity, knowing that trust and respect are the only ways to do business.

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Click to Download Our Brochure

Adhering to principles that increase success

Let the Markets Work for You: The financial markets have rewarded long-term investors. People expect a return on the capital they supply, and historically, the equity, commercial real estate and bond markets have provided growth of wealth that has more than offset inflation. 

Resist Chasing Past Performance: Some investors select investments based on past returns. However, research shows that past performance offers little insight into an investments future returns.

Consider the Drivers of Return: Academic research has identified certain equity and fixed income dimensions, which point to differences in expected returns. You can pursue higher expected returns by structuring portfolio’s around these dimensions.

Practice Smart Diversification: Diversification helps reduce risks that have no expected return, but diversifying within your home market is not enough. Global diversification of more than stocks and bonds can broaden your investment universe.

Avoid Market Timing: You never know which market segments will outperform from year to year. By holding a globally diversified portfolio you are well positioned to seek returns wherever they occur.

Manage Emotions: Many people struggle to separate their emotions from investing. Markets go up and down. Reacting to current market conditions may lead to making poor investment decisions.  We work to avoid reactive investing!

Look Beyond the Headlines: Daily market news and commentary can challenge your investment discipline. Some messages stir anxiety about the future, while others tempt you to chase the latest investment fad. When headlines are unsettling, we consider the source and maintain a long-term perspective.

Manage Expenses, Turnover and Taxes: By keeping the cost of investment low, turnover to a minimum, and being mindful of the type and placement of investments goes a long way to achieving better investment outcomes.

Financial Advisors 

John Gesek, Financial Advisor & Principal

John Gesek, Financial Advisor & Principal

John Gesek founded Optimus Capital Advisors in 2008 with the desire to serve a limited number of clients with a very personal level of service. This is highlighted by the high level of attention and responsiveness expected from everyone associated with the firm.

Prior to starting Optimus Capital Advisors, John was a partner at McKeelGesek Financial Advisory Services and began working at its predecessor, SAA Financial, in 2002.  Before beginning his career in financial services, John was drafted by the Raiders and played ten years in the NFL and is best known for his time on the Dallas Cowboys' offensive line, winning Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII. He continues his involvement with the club as a member of their Legends program.  In addition to his planning and investment knowledge, he has extensive experience in small-business ownership and commercial real estate investment. 

John attended California State University - Sacramento before finishing at Ashford University. He has participated in Harvard University's program on Behavioral Finance and Investing and the Investment Management and Portfolio Strategies program at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School. John and his wife Gina met in college and have four grown children. In his free time John enjoys reading, hunting birds, gardening and still begrudgingly works out. 

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Jack Luna, Financial Advisor

Jack Luna broke into the business in 2002 with the Wealth Management Group at Merrill Lynch in Dallas, Texas. He was recruited away and worked at Morgan Stanley before making the move to independence with Optimus Capital Advisors in 2009. He is known for his personal approach, outspokenness and close attention to his clients.

Jack is a native Texan and graduated from Oklahoma City University, where he was an All-Conference midfielder on the soccer team. Jack and his wife Marilee have been married since college and have three adult children. He is an active runner, completing marathons in the U.S.A and Ireland, enjoys hunting, works out regularly and is continually seeking to improve his dreadful golf game (to no avail).

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Client Service

Kim Morris, Administration & Client Service

Kim joined Optimus Capital Advisors in 2017 to assist with business operations and client service. She is responsible for coordinating client service requests and administrative record keeping. She grew up in the Dallas area and attended the University of North Texas.

Kim is a certified scuba diver and enjoys being underwater every chance she gets. She also serves as a youth mentor at a local middle school, volunteers at her church, and has two grown children she enjoys spending time with.

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